Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Belated Emmy Reaction

Good Things:

- Bryan Cranston second win in a row for breaking bad. Deserved beyond belief.

- Michael Emerson finally wins for Lost. I prefer John Locke but this is probably deserved.

- Kristin Chenowith for pushing daisies, its always great when someone wins for a canceled show.

- Tina Fey not winning best actress. I can live with Alec Baldwin but she's really not that good.

Bad things;

- I can't stress how much 30 Rock doesn't deserve this kind of praise. Three years in a row...what.

- Jon Cryer for Two and a half men. LOL

- Mad Men winning again. We get it.

The Emmy's is ever reducing its relevancy by being a continuing industry popularity contest. It deserves such a painfully under-written post

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