Wednesday, 16 February 2011

REVIEW: Just Go With It

Because this will get me a ton of hits, that's why

Brooklyn Decker looks good in a bikini. So does Jennifer Aniston. Adam Sandler gets paid. I experience profound existential depression and thank god for the scal next to me who has taken to predicting every joke and then celebrating enthusiastically when he predicts a punchline. To Just Go With It. Mate, that's like celebrating predicting that McDonalds will be the most popular fast food restaurant of 2011, or that Miley Cyrus will get her first DUI in 2011, or that anyone in the world will say the word 'and' in 2011. There's a limit to the degree with which you can be impressed with yourself.

Yeah, so I guess I should review Just Go With It. A film that is offensive to the concept of the misunderstanding. And to the concept of comedy. Its the kind of film to make you regret reviewing films on a mass scale, because it inevitably means that you have to write at least 500 words on the tenets on one of the laziest films I've ever seen, that thrives on ugly people, fat people, gay people and foreign people as butts of the joke. Guys, if you're not a middle-class white American, with assured family values, then you're a fucking freak. Just Go With It is yet another film that subtexutally preaches the gospel of the middle-class white guy, almost as if the writer is trying way too hard to assure you that these are the right choices, and as the same writer wrote The Switch, which had a very similar vibe, its getting a little disconcerting. Elsewhere in Just Go With It news, Adam Sandler submits more evidence to the argument that he is the worst actor in the world when he's not being the best, and Aniston may as well be a zombie at this point, her eyes are so glazed over.

But Brooklyn Decker's boobs look real swell in numerous slow-motion bikini walks and shower scenes. And while the notion of her being a teacher is laughable, her reason for being here is obvious. I've yet to mention Nicole Kidman, who shows up to embarrass herself as a former rival of Aniston's, and gives continuing evidence that she is incapable of being funny. Going from Rabbit Hole to this in a week is not helpful for my scale rating of Kidman's abilities that's for sure. Is that enough yet, because I've got an appointment to put several circular rings into my face, something I'm doing solely to counterpoint the relative shitness of this film. With a bit about how that's a preferable experienc etc. Mad commitment.

Rating: 2/10

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