Tuesday, 30 June 2009

REVIEW: Year One

A comedy that in theory had a lot of potential, as the old testament has long been a vast resource of hilarity. In practice however, we've got a painfully formulaic moronic farce that got laughs from no-one older then ten, at least in my screening, and perhaps the death knell to Michael Cera's 15 minutes. Unless he plays a role different to his current shtick - adorable soft-spoken loser - which I count he has played every role that has brought him any success, I think long term relevancy is off the table. Still, more on that later.

Year One follows, Zed and Oh, two caveman who take to the road and have many biblically themed adventures, meeting Cain and Abel and more stuff that can be listed on somebody else's blog. Jack Black, who plays the afore-mentioned Zed plays it broad and I'd criticize him for taking the paycheck but I think this kind of thing is where his heart belongs really. He certainly seems to enjoy himself, and Black is the best thing about this. He's naturally funny, and his extrovert loudmouth persona remains entertaining. As for the rest of the cast, June Diane Raphael and Juno Temple act as the leads respective love interests, which entails standing in the background for the most part. David Cross plays Cain who for some reason is in the whole movie despite his only joke being at the beginning, still good to see Tobias Funke in a prominent role. The under-rated Oliver Platt is actually funny in parts, but the script isn't kind to him in a painfully weak role that exists solely so this movie can tell gay jokes. To add to its piss jokes, shit jokes, and penis jokes. To think this guy directed Groundhog Day, a low point for Harold Ramis to be sure. Anyways Back to Michael Cera. He's not bad in this movie, and in places his delivery is great, its just I'd like to see him stretch his wings a little which if he doesn't do he's likely to become a fad,. This decade's Molly Ringwald. Except male and more credible.

Rating: 5/10

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