Tuesday, 18 August 2009

REVIEW: A Perfect Getaway

Director David Twohy first return since the grand scale failure that was A Chronicles of Riddick - No worse then any of the Star Wars prequels by the way - and its a mixed bag. Its not a great movie, nor a particularly well written movie and its twist is far from mind-blowing and very predictable to anyone who's ever seen a movie of this type before. But it has some god acting in places and it knows what it is. Twohy thinks he's being clever with all the meta we're in a movie talk but believe me he's not, and he is saved from this being completely unmemorable by his leading men essentially.

The plot basically sees two couples on an Hawaiian island with a further couple of killers, and amidst suspecting each other and talking about how its like their in a movie (just no) very little happens really till the final showdown, which in itself is a little underwhelming. The movie is carried in the early stages by Timothy Olyphant, and in the latter stages by Steve Zahn. Each is much better when we believe that they are the killer, as Twohy seems to struggle to make a non psychopathic character interesting. But both Olyphant and Zahn are deeply under-rated actors always stuck in movies lower then their talents and this isn't about to change here. Elsewhere, Milla Jovovich is a much better actress then her career what testify to, but she's far from astounding and Kiele Sanchez is essentially eye candy and once she begins to feature more prominently her performance seemingly gets worse. Still for the most part it knows what it is and if you're just after a non-consuming thriller you could certainly do worse. You could do better too, but hey.

Rating: 5/10

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