Tuesday, 18 August 2009

REVIEW: The Time Traveller's Wife

Time travel is used to such an astronomical level in science fiction it is close to mystifying. As a concept it has always left me cold. There have been good movies about it, The Terminator and Back to the future spring to mind, but for the most part I can take it or leave it. This movie is certainly not one of the greater examples, its OK as saccharine sprawling romances go but its far from electrifying or affecting. But before I get to the main part of this review, I must say a little about Eric Bana, the star of this movie. I am positive that Bana used to be a great actor, and his performance in modern classic Chopper is legendary. But where has that guy gone? Because the Bana I see here is unsure and unconvincing. Struggling with his American accent and generally looking uninvolved. Its not just this movie either, pretty much every Bana outing for the last four years or so has been underwhelming. Maybe he's got the yips or something.

The novel this movie is based on is quite renowned and respected but on this evidence here, I can't say I'm interested. Sure there's the blaming of the adaptation process, screw those executives etc. but the bare bones story here doesn't come of that strong. All I can think of is that maybe the book sells the romance slightly better the the movie, because for such supposed star-crossed lovers they shared very little chemistry and thus the connection wasn't quite strong enough to make me forgive the contrivances. I think the main problem of this is probably the performances, Bana has been covered but you expect this from Rachel McAdams at this point seeing as she pretty much plays this essential role in everything she's done. Her enduring popularity is a testament to how much people love the Notebook. Although I couldn't imagine why. The movie is also kind of disinterested in its science fiction elements, which perhaps could have been its saving grace if done right but really its just a long sappy love story with a gimmick.

Rating: 5/10

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