Thursday, 23 December 2010

NWI Awards: Best Supporting Actor In Comedic Television

10) Charlie Day, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

IASIP is pretty aged now, and its certainly lost a lot of that uncompromising sociopathic bent that made it such a unique show in the first place. But it's cast continue to be amusing together, and none more so the Charlie Day who has been so consistently good on this show it's not even funny.For the episode where he gets to play his joy at getting a job as a janitor in a high school alone.

9) Bobby Van Holt, Cougar Town

Cougar Town, much like Better Off Ted before it and How I Met Your Mother before that, is a hard show to tell people that its good. Its title and original premise lend itself to such an immediate punchline, I've found it best to not mention how much I like it, other then in public forum form obviously. Van Holt is a large reason why the show is so winning, playing his goofy, eternally upbeat Bobby in a way that is always hilarious.

8) Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Modern Family is a show that I'd be tempted to call solid rather then outstanding, it will always play it safe. Hence its popularity. But Burrell always gives an interesting performance, his man-child salesman perhaps the least broad and defined character on the show, and its certainly the subtlest performance on a show where there's not much of that to go around.

7) Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

I don't know quite why this performance is as utterly endearing as it is. Its very big and quite broad, but perhaps because of Harris gift for physical comedy and his immense almost innate likeability, it becomes a joy to watch even when the show isn't all it could be. Just very funny.

6) Chris Pratt, Parks And Recreation

I think Chris Pratt was what kept me watching through the first season of Parks and Rec, where everything was not quite as it should be. Now the show has become quite the awesome little thing, Pratt is no longer the best thing about the show, but he's still a very vital, entertaining part. An idiotic fratboy type, only with a heart underneath. But more then that shit, he's always frickin hilarious.

5) Martin Starr, Party Down

Probably most recognized for his bit part in the very high quality Adventureland, Starr is a joy to watch on Party Down, as Roman, the caterer moonlighting as a writer of 'hard' sci-fi, he pulls of a character who could be quite hate-able, Roman thinks he's better then everyone he ever meets after all, But what works wonderfully is that Starr plays him so smart, as intelligent people can be entirely talentless too, and Starr plays that note perfectly.

4) Donald Glover, Community

I think in the early episodes of Community, Troy felt like the character that would just be there, not necessarily adding anything that substantial. But Donald Glover exploded out of the role, and that has only been more noticeable in the show's second season, in which Troy has headlined more episodes then anyone, and Glover has handled it like the very talented man he is. He's going to do what he has to, he's gonna be a nerd.

3) Ted Danson, Bored To Death

Bored To Death is a show that really found its anarchic, goofy voice in its second season. But I think the reason to watch this show, and it boasts Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis as its co-leads, is the performance of Danson, as the stoned, elderly intellectual George. Kind of a presentable version of the dude, stuck in a generation that has no use for him. But Danson's deliveries remain to the end hilarious and often weirdly sad.

2) Danny Pudi, Community

What is there to say about Pudi's performance as Abed. It's so pitch perfect, nailing the social befuddlement and yet also in his world, the self-assurity. Abed may be the first Asperger's driven character to take the problems and turn them into something badass. One is rarely pitying Abed, rather wishing you could be him, and that's down to Pudi's entirely Emmey worthy performance.

1) Nick Offerman, Parks And Recreation

And yet, I can't really justify giving this to anyone but Ron Swanson. Because he's Ron Fucking Swanson. Genius.

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