Sunday, 19 July 2009

Belated Emmy Nomination reaction

I'm slow on the draw to this one, as the Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday, but here I am finally getting around to it. So, anyhoo..

Best Drama
Big love
Breaking Bad
House MD
Mad Men

The Biggest diss is the complete absence of the final season of The Shield here, which was certainly better then a middling season of House. Damages seems to be one of those shows that gets tons of awards but nobody watches it, nobody ever lists it as their favorite show but it's here year after year. This is very kind to a below par year of Dexter, it has no real place here. Lost is very in fashion right now so that's no surprise. Awesome inclusions of Breaking Bad and Big Love, Breaking Bad in particular really deserves this but there's no doubt in my mind that Mad Men will win.

Best Comedy
Family guy
Flight of the concords
How I met your mother
The office
30 Rock

30 Rock is rewarded obscenely at the Emmy's. Every year it gets like a thousand nominations and wins close to all of them. All of this undeserved recognition is really making me hate this show more then it deserves to be hated. Fuck Family Guy. Screw Entourage. Flight of the concords is an interesting choice, no chance in hell of winning but hey. HIMYM should have been here the last 2 years really, but at least its here now. The Office is comfortably the best comedy going yet it will lose to a lazy guest star filled 30 rock. Weeds pads out the numbers

Best Actor Drama
Simon Baker, The Mentalist
Gabriel Byrne, In Treatment
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Hugh Laurie, House

Huge WTF on Simon Baker. The mentalist is popular to be sure but lol. I actually agree with the Michael C Hall nomination, because he holds the show on his own back entirely and thus I'm cool with it. Gabriel Byrne is a great actor in an actorly show, thats a lock. Mad Men is Emmy's drug of choice so of course Hamm is here. Hugh Laurie has apparently never won an emmy, which is a crime and even if Bryan Cranston deserves to take his second in a row, Laurie's House is a great body of work and should have won before frankly.

Other notable nominations:
There needs to be more female orientated cable shows because the drama actress category is quite same old same old. Anyways a small selection of the rest

Awesome nominations:

Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad: Didn't see this coming but it couldn't be more deserved. Go Jesse Pinkman.

Kristen Chenowith, Pushing Daisies: Cancelled shows usually get the jip, but Chenowith is here regardless. Wonder what she'll say if she wins.

Neil Patrick Harris, HIMYM: Genuine chance of winning this year seeing as Piven got rejected.

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