Saturday, 4 July 2009

REVIEW: Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

So here we are, the third entry in this moderately successful franchise. Its no Shrek, financially speaking, but its aged with more grace then that particular mammoth. Whereas Shrek is more gaudy and reliant on irrelevant pop culture references for its perpetuation, Ice Age has for the most part drawn humor from its characters. Not to wildly successful heights, but its attempt to actually tell a story through characters and actually earn its humor is admirable. Each film is low key, occasionally amusing ride, and this is roughly the same standard as the previous entries being no better, and no worse.

The story sees our pre-historic gang go on a journey to the center of the earth type adventure, entering a world below the ice to find it overrun by the thought extinct dinosaurs, including a maternal T Rex, a giant monster named Rudy and the swashbuckling weasel called Buck voiced quite hilariously by Simon Pegg. Pegg gives life to the film, and upon his introduction the movie definitely becomes more vibrant, after a slightly sluggish start which had me a little worried. But no the film maintained the 6 out of ten rating which both the prior films also received. Sadly, the Scrat portions of the film are slightly weaker then they had been previously in which his mythic search for an acorn gets derailed by a squirrel girlfriend. Considering he had been by far the highlight of the first sequel and the original it was a little disappointing to see these segments as weak as they were. Oh well. Harmless kids entertainment but very forgettable.

Rating: 6/10

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