Thursday, 23 July 2009

REVIEW: The Proposal

Sandra Bullock's career has had some impressive longevity given the sheer lack of good movies it has offered. There's a string of average rom-coms. A couple of estrogen orientated weepies, maybe two or three attempts at credibility. The most successful of which is Crash, a bore of a movie saved by some good performances. She is OK in that movie, but by and large she hasn't quite warranted the 15 years at the top she has enjoyed. Her best movie is still Speed for Christ sakes. Oh right this movie.

This movie sucks. Its cliched, painfully stilted and adds nothing to the movie landscape as a whole. Except perhaps Box Office credibility for Ryan Reynolds, which would make it worth it I guess. I enjoy Reynolds despite his increasingly complicated quest to make a good movie. He gives good sarcasm. But he gets no real chance to unleash that here, so tepid and quick to broad humor is the script. Its a shame because I was waiting for him to cut loose, but he never did, Bullock was her usual self, only skew older and if I actually paid to see movies I would have considered this a huge waste of money. Instead I consider it a huge waste of time that thousand of people will see, exhale a 'meh' and forget it once out the door. One day a great romantic comedy will come, but only when these people put away the mawkishness and painful plot contrivances. And morons like me who go to see it despite knowing beforehand just how crap it is going to be.

Rating: 4/10

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