Sunday, 15 November 2009

Next Week

Twilight: New Moon: Has it been a year already? Well that just flew by. This movie will suck to be sure, but I guess I can tolerate a depressed Kristen Stewart giving off an I'm too good for this vibe, Robert Pattinson not being in it very much and it has Michael Sheen in it, so. You know. Expectancy level: 5/10

A Serious Man: From what I've read about this, I'm going to humbly predict this as my favorite movie of this year so far, obviously ignoring all the late Oscar releases we got in Jan and Feb. Its a Coen brothers movie that went totally under the radar, with a cast of unknowns and a supposedly awesome script, I'm there. Expectancy level: 9/10

The Informant!: This Soderbergh movie didn't do well as he no doubt wanted with critics in the US, and to be honest the trailers have left me slightly unimpressed, but we'll see. I like Damon when he does comedy so I hasten to write it off entirely. Expectancy level: 6/10

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