Sunday, 29 November 2009

Next Week's Movies

The Box - After Southland Tales, Richard Kelly needs this one to land. Considering the source material and Richard Kelly's talent, which is great when he is given focus, I'm calling cautiously optimistic. Expectancy Level: 7/10

The Descent Part 2 - This is some bullshit. Expectancy level: 3/10

Me and Orson Welles - Zac Efron tries to be credible. Richard Linklater, of Scanner Darkly and Dazed and Confused fame, slums it for the money. Passable movie probably but not exactly tingling with anticipation. Expectancy Level: 5/10

Cracks - Eva Green stars in this semi-pretentious looking film from a relative of Ridley Scott. I do love me some pretentious films, but unsold. Expectancy Level: 6/10

Planet 51: The rock plays an animated white man. Is that racist? The movie will be shit either way. Expectancy Level: 4/10

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