Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Belated Golden Globe reaction

In some very late golden globe reaction, here's what I think about the awards that are second in all trades.


The Hurt Locker - No Jeremy Renner, but Bigelow and the film score nominations, which is good news for its Oscar chances.

Inglourious Basterds - got some unexpected love here, took a best picture nom and a director nom for Tarantino. Christophe Waltz was expected but still welcome.

The Hangover - Taking a best comedy/musical nom is very good to see, because of how funny it was.

Michael Stuhlbarg - The Serious Man star represents the ignored film and has no chance of winning at all. But this keeps him in mind of Oscar voters, so its awesome.

500 days of summer - Recognition in best musical/comedy and for Joesph Gordon Levitt.


Where to start.

Uncalled for Meryl Streep love in - A great actress to be sure, but two nominations for both her and her films (Julieand Julia and Its Complicated for the record) as best picture is just ridiculous.

Avatar - Ominous shit. This film has no right to be mentioned in the same breath as the five best dramatic film of the year, yet here it is.

Robert Downey Jr - Seriously. For Sherlock Holmes? WTF.

The entire Best actress in a musical/comedy category - Sandra Bullock for the proposal, two times Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts for Duplicity (again WTF). Marion Cotillard is OK I guess, but still a horrifying category.

Generally unhappy about these nominations, ignoring some good films and recognizing some poor ones. This is a weak year to be fair but still.

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