Sunday, 27 December 2009

Best of the 00's: The Seven Best Blockbusters of the Decade

Big, big movies that make lots of money. Sure they stand for capitalistic excess and the amount of money spent to create Avatar could have fed four African Countries for a year, but whatever. We like them. And here are the best blockbusters the decade had to offer in my opinion. Which is of course sacrosanct.

7) Spider-Man

It was either this or X-Men but I think this edges it because Raimi made perhaps the ultimate enthusiastic comic book movie, existing to be enjoyed. Raimi, as he does with all his best films, infects it with a giddy energy and a lovable goofiness, and makes Spider-Man the best for all the family comic book movie, not because its the best, but because of its tone.

6) The 40 Year Old Virgin

It doesn't seem like a blockbuster at first glance but it was, and it revitalized the 'guys hanging out being guys' movie. It also refreshed the studio comedy somewhat, feeling a little less factory made and above all being very funny. Not enough credit goes to Steve Carell for making this good, because he provides a kinder entry into Apatow's occasionally obnoxious guy's guy world.

5) Casino Royale

Because it was the first genuinely good Bond Movie since 1995, and more importantly then that it toned back the camp and made him cool again. In part due to Daniel Craig highlighting the ruthless badass part of the equation, and playing down the suaver aspects of Bond. This annoyed some, but to me revitalizing the character meant a fresh take on it. Its a sharp, well plotted Bond movie, which greatly benefits from being based on a novel. One only has to look at the weak Quantum Of Solace to see how much the movie was benefited by Ian Fleming.

4) Shrek

Set the template for non-Pixar, reference filled scattershot CGI movies, which sure enough polluted the decade with their shitness. Shrek, meanwhile, did it first and did it best. Its a ride of a kids movie, which is funny enough to keep the adults laughing rather then just resenting their kids lack of interest in Keanu Reeves movies.

3) Pirates Of The Caribbean

Most definitely the underdog blockbuster of the decade, if there can be such a thing, which came through bad hype and a seeming certainty of shitness to actually be one of if not the most entertaining movies of the decade, with Johnny Depp giving a family friendly tour de force, regaining his credibility and popularity ( he was quite deservedly Oscar nominated for his performance) in one fell swoop.

2) Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Another set of films everyone thought was going to be shite, but ended up quite close to populist masterpieces. In large part due to Peter Jackson's strong sense of visual style and deceptively strong story-telling ability. Each year the new LOTR was an event, and aside from their blockbusting abilities, were just great movies. Much better then the Star Wars trilogy (Yeah, whatever Star Wars fans.)

1) The Dark Knight

It may not be the perfect blockbuster, as I cant imagine 5 year olds coming out of this anything but mortified, but it certainly is the best film as far as wide scale popular releases go. Definitely of this decade, perhaps ever. I've gushed about it plenty on this website, and I'm sure more is to come, and we've all seen it so y'all know what I'm talking about.

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