Monday, 28 December 2009

Best of The 00's: The Nine Great Guilty Pleasures Of The Decade

And to clarify, this means the best bad films of the decade. And to clarify what that means, this is not the most ironically enjoyable films, but ones that handled shlocky or cliched material very well, that you're not supposed to like as a serious film reviewer person but you can't help yourself. Now enough with the definitions, lets do this proper. Its quite dude-centric I should say, and no doubt if I were without a Y chromosome I'm sure The Notebook and Twilight would be on here somewhere.

9) Pitch Black

This film hasn't an original bone in its body. It yoinks from Alien, Aliens, Escape From New York and countless others. But it turns to be quite a lot of fun. Plus it gave us our decade's closest thing to Arnie, which was Vin Diesel. And he is actually pretty good here, creating the kind of superficially iconic character that slasher films dream about.

8) Pineapple Express

A stoner action comedy in every conceivable way, from its laziness to its scatty style. But what it is funny and entertaining, thus all is forgiven. Proved to everyone James Franco wasn't just a tool with a punchable face too. I've seen this more times then perhaps is healthy.

7) Definitely, Maybe

The romantic comedy might be the most vile and reprehensibly useless genre, even when the indie movie tried to hijack it. Yet pretty much my favorite studio produced entry into the genre is almost no different. There's the irritatingly savvy pre-pubescent, who makes George Harvey's chosen path of existence more understandable, it has an obnoxious title and it abandons any pretense of being a comedy around half way through. Yet I enjoyed it. I think because it was written a little more intelligently then this kind of thing usually is, with some good acting from Rachel Weisz and Kevin Kline. Still trash though.

6) Drag Me To Hell

Because a film that sees a corpse vomit what I choose to believe was embalming fluid into the heroine's face can't really be in any serious best of decade list. I enjoyed the living shit out of this movie though, perhaps because it was the Sam Raimi of Evil Dead 2 rather the Sam Raimi, company man. An awesome, enjoyable high-concept horror movie.

5) School Of Rock

Jack Black seems to have had his day at this point, with a succession of flops (and bad movies) lowering his stock somewhat. But this is perhaps his larger then life peak. In a kids movie no less. But to be honest he gives a hell of a great performance in this movie, and turns a disposable disney channel type movie into something that as I watch quite often.

4) Dog Soldiers

British Army vs Werewolves. Enough said, really. Just balls-out OTT carnage that is best seen with alcohol, or so I'm told. I've only seen this sober and I still like it fine enough.

3) Dawn Of The Dead

Zombies! They run! And do it without aspiration to be a movie about anything else other then zombie killing! Its a shame Zack Snyder grew up to be one of my more despised film-makers but hey, it was fun while it lasted. The closest thing there is to a movie version of Left 4 dead.

2) Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

If you're reading this, you know why this movie is good. It gave us Will Ferrell, it gave us Steve Carell, and it contains Tim Robbins best performance of the decade. Outside of being the best thing about the shit War Of The Worlds remake.

1) Team America: World Police

Its a batshit film, conceived primarily to abet all those who had Thunderbirds related Sex fantasies. Its also funny, albeit sporadically and it might be the most politically honest film of the decade. Its stance is nihilism, in which everything and everyone should be pointed and laughed at for believing in anything, good or bad. And isn't that how we all really want to be. Plus there's the 20 minute vomit scene.

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