Saturday, 26 December 2009

REVIEW: Nowhere Boy

Your standard Musician biopic really, functional but uninspiring. We've been here before and focusing on John Lennon as a teenager did no good either. Director Sam Taylor Wood shows spark at times, but by and large its a run of the mill biopic of the worst kind. Relying on the fame of its subject to do its work for it, and that just leaves me underwhelmed and with nothing of note to say.

I suppose I have a few kind words to say about Anne Marie Duff, who I thought at first was horribly miscast as a lush, but grew into the role nicely and by the end created a real character. She won me over throughout the movie. The lead played by newcomer Aaron Johnson, who is at best inconsistent, OK at the cool stuff, but comes up short with the style of broad stroke emoting this movie seems to value. Kristin Scott Thomas is an actress I like a lot, but she overacts in places which is at odds with her repressed character. But we've seen this movie before, just replace John Lennon with Johnny Cash or Elvis or whatever. Its almost needless, given how well known Lennon is anyway.

A short ass, lazy review for a film that took a similar approach.

Rating: 5/10

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