Sunday, 1 August 2010

Inception: Thoughts On A Second Viewing

I'll keep it brief, because I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to through out a few thoughts on how it stood up on a second viewing

- I felt when I first watched it I was waiting for things to get going, but knowing what's going on really does lend an extra-dimension to this movie. I still think the first half can be a little ponderous, but all the little touches and the details work a treat.

- I'm even more militant against the idea that you have no emotional connection to this movie then I was the first time. Originally I gave more credit to DiCaprio and Cotillard then Nolan, and I'd still probably stand by that.

- The zero Gravity sequence is still the shit. Best 15 minutes of any film all year.

- Joseph Gordon Levitt and Cillian Murphy are awesome

- The inter-cutting of the dreams scenes is some stellar piece of screenwriting. Its an idea that seems to convoluted in theory but it works wonderfully and thrillingly.

- I didn't mention it the first time round, but Hans Zimmer deserves an Oscar nomination for the music in Inception. Its fucking awesome.

- Nobody does sequences of exposition better then Nolan, and I think he explains some very dense ideas in a way that consistently fascinates.

- Leonardo Di Caprio for an Oscar nomination. Heard it first here.

- I still don't think Ken Watanabe is very good at English dialogue. Like in Batman Begins, I like the performance but don't always understand everything he says. He's very good though.

- Was that Talulah Riley as the random hot girl Hardy pretends to be? I think it was

- Inception in a rich, rewarding experience that only deepens upon second viewing. Nolan is a genius with the ability to masquerade intellectualism as entertainment rivaled by no-one. This is as similar to Synedoche, New York as it is The Matrix, and for a movie this high profile that is something.


Simon said...

It was Talulah Riley. Hasn't she grown out.

And yes to all of them, good sir. Especially zero-gravity.

Dan Stephens said...

Good stuff. I can't wait to see this film again. I'm glad it became a more richer experience second time around.