Monday, 30 August 2010

Next Week's Movies

The Switch: The only thing not sending me to the hills is the presence of Jason Bateman. But Jason Bateman was in Couples Retreat. So. Expectancy Level: 4/10

The Last Exorcism: Digi-cam horror for the win. Not only do these movies seem to to multiply by the day, they also never stop making money. Still I'm getting very close to the place where I don't care anymore. Expectancy Level: 5/10

Jonah Hex: Call it morbid curiosity, but I am definitely going to see this movie. Definitely. Expectancy Level: 2/10

Dinner For Schmucks: Steve Carell doesn't seem to have the greatest sense of quality control, and here is his latest OK movie to be released. Unsure. Expectancy Level: 5/10

Certified Copy: Cannes awarding movie with a supposedly awards worthy performance from Juliet Binoche. There. Expectancy Level: 7/10

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