Sunday, 25 October 2009

10 Days of Horror: More to come.

In tradition with the pointless religious holdover of resting on a Sunday, I am going to do a slightly shorter post today, which is more of a teaser for whats to come over the next week or so. Once my snark, my list making methodologies and Rolodex of horror movie thoughts regather, more shit will be coming at you. Tomorrow is the big one, where I attempt at least to get all analytical, psychological and sociological on why we do so enjoy having the shit scared out of us. Its going to be long, pretentious and 100% awesome. So be there or have a good excuse, like you were giving blood or something. Flu season is round the corner you know. After that, more lists and hopefully the next entry in my movie countdown which entirely coincidentally will tie in to my whole horror theme. Gotta love serendipity. The act of destined inevitability rather then the movie with John Cusack. Which sucked.

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