Saturday, 3 October 2009

Next week and other site related stuff.

Up - Just about every country in the world got this before us, so it better be worth the wait. Though at this point the release of a Pixar movie is an event. I'm pretty positively minded about this. Excitement level: 8/10

Zombieland -
Well this just looks awesome doesn't it? An American Shaun of the Dead with Woody Harrelson and A-Z of ridiculous zombie kills. There. Excitement level: 8/10

Love Happens -
Not so much on this one, I'll see it for the sense of completion but it will in all likeliness be crap. Excitement level: 4/10

Saw 6 -
Not next week, but worth mocking. Guys, Saw 6? There's a line. And it comes three movies after you killed the main villain. Huge wtf.

Other Crap -
Hopefully doing a Halloween 10 day horror movie bit like last year. Also another in the epically time-consuming countdown of my favorite film list too.

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