Saturday, 17 October 2009

REVIEW: Triangle

The infinite loop is something that's been a goldmine for the sci-fi and horror genre. It's used in quite a few Stephen King books/movies, and there was a great little movie a couple of years ago called Primer that did an awesome spin on it, and that's a movie you should definitely see if you want to know how this kind of thing should be done. Triangle, while not terrible, isn't a great example. Once it fully commits to the power of the loop about half way through things get better, but this thing starts off very badly. Like the worst kinds of weak shit slasher movies, a shoehorned back-story for the heroine. Painfully awkward banter between very bad actors who you gradually realize why you've never heard of. Just general inadequecy. And FYI I've never seen a movie use the Bermuda triangle so shamelessly. You can't name your film after a contrived plot-mechanic you're done with after twenty minutes. But, after we lose the no marks and buckle down with Melissa George, our final girl, things get slightly better. George is no Meryl Streep but she's solid enough and her combined with the loop made for a passable sixty minutes or so. I could get into how her character is one of the most illogical characters since the existence of time. ( SPOILER: at one point she takes a mallet to her past self's face because she disapproved of her own parenting skills. Epic WTF moment) But that kind of goes with the mediocre horror movie territory.

Christopher Smith made a good to very good movie with Severance, but has returned to more poe-faced horror with triangle, and I'm not entirely convinced his strength is in this area. He's relatively solid visually but a man can only make 5/10 horror movies for so long.

Rating: 5/10

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