Saturday, 10 October 2009

Next week...

Couples Retreat - There was a time Vince Vaughn had credibility, before Fred Claus and stuff. Although to be fair Kevin Spacey was in that film. Excitement level: 4/10

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus - Unsold on this as of yet. Heath Ledger's final film and a supposed return to form for Gilliam, but he'll have to convince me. Excitement level: 6/10

Thirst - New film from the directors of Oldboy! About Vampires, a tapped keg certainly, but Park Chan Wook rules. Excitement level: 8/10

Triangle - Some moron said Severance was the UK's best horror film in ten years. I wish I could remember who it was to shame him right here. Dude deserves to be shamed. Anyway Christopher Smith's follow up, for those who this concerns. Excitement level: 5/10

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