Friday, 26 February 2010

Lost: Lighthouse - Where We Reference Virginia Woolf In A Less Subtle Way Then The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Season 6 seems to have followed season 1 in its episode order. We've gone from Kate to Locke and now to Jack. Of Course this has to break because next in line would be Charlie and that dude be dead. But yeah the Jack episode. There's been some clunkers and some successes, but this one was enjoyably relaxed and nostalgic, Slow in a good way, if you will.


- Jack has a kid. That was the plot of this one. These flash-sideways are low in mythology, which is perhaps why they've gotten on some people's nerves. Including mine. But with the Locke stuff last week and Jack this week, they represent a return to the character driven flashbacks of the first season. And I have to say this tact is growing on me, as it seems what began as a character driven show is going to end as one.

- Sideways Jack I enjoyed a lot. Matthew Fox played him a lot less intense and controlling then his island namesake.

- As to the quality of it, its OK. Not as good as last week, but a hell of a lot better then Kate's, which wasn't about her character at all. She just ran, because Lost doesn't know how to write women that aren't played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

- Not much else to say about this time line really. Solid but not spectacular Lost drama.

- Our timeline cameo this week came from Dogen, who was at Jack's Kid Piano Recital.


- The calm before the storm it seems. Given Jacob's immense ' something is coming to the temple (clearly Evil Locke BTW) to fuck dudes up. Next week to be awesome

- Like I said, this was a slow episode, but in a good way. It reminisced about the caves, Adam and Eve and all sorts of memorable Lost moments. I enjoyed that, because its nice to see them acknowledge the complete journey.

- Mark Pellegrino, A.K.A Jacob has massive ears. A thought for y'all.

- Hurley is almost the island alpha-dog these days. He's Jacob's go to guy.

- So, To The Lighthouse. Is it just me or did the whole journey feel almost pointless. He went there accomplished nothing and fucked up Jacob's neat gizmo. I'm loving the ride though.

- Jack's gearing up to go all heroic again. Its happening.

- Subplot time: Psycho Claire. Emilie De Ravin is really finding something to play in that role and promises to really contribute something to this year. She got to exhibit some long overdue range.

- Claire be crazy now, and possibly evil too. Her axing of Justin was pretty cold.

- Episode body Count:

- Justin, who amazingly pulled through Psycho Claire's first attack. Went down in the second wave, with an axe to the stomach. RIP

- Evi Locke was the 'friend' Claire kept going on about. Least surprising twist ever. But still, love some Evil Locke. Who almost stole the episode with no lines, but in the interest of fairness I'll give it to De Ravin.

- Incidentally the most pointless regular ever = Ilana. She's had about four lines and we're 5 episodes in. Well worth it guys.

- But yeah Locke's coming to fuck up the temple. Goings to be legen..wait for it.

Rating: 7/10

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