Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lost: What Kate Does

Ah, the Kate episode. From Born To Run to Left Behind to Eggtown they all suck, traditionally shitty, boring place-fillers even when they are supposed to be important. And while this episode did have some interesting stuff, none of it involved the main storyline which was as dry as hell.



- Continuing the super-exciting (sarcasm, all droll like) adventures of fugitive Kate. She does a bit of running and then runs into Claire who has a birthing fake out.

- Ethan! Now a domesticated, super-friendly doctor. That was a nice touch I'll give them that.

- See, Kate is a good person really, because she gave the pregnant woman she hijacked her toy dolphin back.

- Guys don't just tell the same old story in a different reality, there a more exciting things to be done here. Disappointing.

- Jeff Kober! AKA Krilik from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, gave a solid two minute performance.

- I'll write it down to the Kate episode curse, but this has killed some of my buzz from the premiere. This off island stuff was so useless and if it stays like that this neat new trick is going to grow old quickly


- No Evil Locke, no Ben, no Alpert and no Desmond. Daring guys. Daring.

- The episodes best stuff involved our mysterious new others, Hiroyuki Sanada and John Hawkes and their interactions with Sayid and Jack. That torture scene was strong, even for this show.

- Again, liking season 6 Jack, totally rumbling the machinations of the Japanese medicine man.

- Josh Holloway has redeemed himself, and he sold his farewell Juliet speech, even with some trite writing.

- Evangeline Lilly was a particularly close book in this episode, making her character ever more unknowable. Subtlety is one thing, but not communicating what you are supposed to communicate is another. One of the weaker leading performances of the show I think.

- Aldo! AKA Mac from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. What a whiny bitch. Despite me liking this guy a lot in his show, I felt good when he got wasted.

- Episode body Count:
Aldo (Shot by psycho Claire)
random other (same fate)

- So they are finally getting to the sickness. Sayid has it, and its already got Claire who made quite the dramatic re-entrance into island goings on.

- A filler episode really. A modest step-back after the premiere. I hope its my most hated of the season

Rating: 6/10

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