Sunday, 7 February 2010

Next Week's Movies

The Wolfman: This movie has been delayed more times then is hilarious, and for that I am curious to see exactly how much of a disaster it ends up being. Maybe it will actually be good. Lol. Expectancy Level: 5/10

A Single Man: Directorial debuts of fashion designers rarely does cinematic gold make, but given the hype around this one and in particular Colin Firth, I go in with optimism. It will at least look good I'm sure. Expectancy Level: 7/10

Valentine's Day: Man does this look like balls. If I don't O.D on portmanteau schmaltz, there's always Ashton Kutcher to see me through. Good actors in this movie be ashamed. Expectancy Level: 4/10

Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief: Kids don't you be stealing no lightning. Don't you do it. Oh and by the way this movie clearly sucks. Expectancy Level: 5/10

Ponyo: The New Miyazaki. Looks quite a lot like old Miyazaki to be honest. After Howl's Moving castle it looks very much like this guy has a case of the diminishing returns. Expectancy Level: 6/10

Food Inc: Documentary about the farming industry and how corporations are such assholes. Expetancy Level: 7/10

That is a humbling amount of movies.

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