Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lost: The Substitute - Will The Real John Locke Please Stand Up.

Yes. The Locke episode, who probably has the best track record for episodes including goodness. Even his misfires are pretty good. So much, much more excited for this one. Incidentally there were three different versions of John Locke in all realities here. Hence the hilarious title.


- Although this stuff was considerably better than last week's Kate centered outing, I think that was mostly down to John Locke being a more interesting character then it suddenly being a better idea. There's still an ominous sense of the 'so what's' about the flash-sideways. Do they matter at the end of the day? I hope so, but what worked in a single 2 hour episode so well is going to be a bit less impressive over the course of a season.

- Having said that, I did enjoy seeing the real John Locke again. He deserves a happy ending in some reality, so let's hope its this one. And this was a step in the right direction.

- Michael Emerson as a mild-mannered european history teacher. Best thing ever.

" When you finish the coffee. Please throw. The filter. Away." Awesome.

- Helen! We've not seen her since season 2, since which Katey Sagal has earned some proper respect over on Sons of Anarchy.

- I think these Flash-sideways are only gonna be worth it with the stronger actors on the show. Terry O Quinn and Michael Emerson make it work, but trust me this isn't going to be the case for everyone


- Much better then last week. I think there is no real way to prevent Evil Locke from owning this season. Not only is he stock full of mythology and those long lusted after answers, but O Quinn is having such a riot in playing him.

- Some more prime actorly moments from O quinn here, from the smoke monster AKA evil Locke lamenting his long lost humanity to the speech where Locke sells Sawyer on joining the side of evil. Well-written and well sold.

- Josh Holloway is finding a cynical groove as the dead in every way but literally Sawyer.

- The explanation for the numbers seems to be imminent. Something to do with Jacob it seems.

- Another trek across the jungle though. at least it was to the point.

- Evil Locke put Richard in a sack and hung him from a tree. You don't see that on Grey's Anatomy.

- Nobody died in this episode. Crazy.

- Not a spellbinding episode really, but pleasingly to the point. The time for tantalizing is over Lost. You have to start paying up. And it did so in this episode, largely thanks to a hefty does of answers and plenty of evil Locke. But watch next week be pure filler.

Episode Rating: 8/10

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