Tuesday, 11 May 2010

7 Question Movie Meme - But My Critical Anonymity!

Nicholas at the righteous blog Cinema Romantico tagged me for this internet meme, in which internet movie bloggers cast aside their respective veils of facelessness and answer seven questions about how the movie fan in them came to be. And continued to be I guess, since some of the questions are in the present tense. Way to muck up my open, tenses. Screw it, let's do this confessional style.

1) What Was Your First Movie Going Experience?To the best of my recollection, it would have been The Lion King, when I was four. I remember enjoying myself, eating Pic and Mix and thinking Timon and Pumba were awesome. It was very passive though, since I my first love was football. I got seriously into movies around the age of 10 or 11.

2) How Many DVD's Do You Own?
I believe at last count it was 427, which is I gather is somewhere in the middle for movie bloggers. I should point out that I am only 20 though, and hopefully by my death (or DVD's becoming irrelevant) I hope for something in the level of several million. A modest guess.

3) What Is Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movie?
Well I've seen Face/Off an alarming amount of times, but that couldn't be a guilty pleasure because it's clearly so awesome. Maybe Dog Soldiers? Soldiers vs Werewolves and Sean Pertwee= Magic.

4) You Have Complied a list of Your Top 100 movies, Which Movies didn't Make The Cut?

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. That seemed to be roundly considered mind-blowingly awesome, topping about a zillion bet of the decade lists and stuff, but meh. I love Charlie Kaufman but this film presents to me the least interesting thing he's done. The Apartment. Granted I need to re-watch I think, but I was roundly underwhelmed the first time. Jules Et Jim, The Maltese Falcon, American Beauty probably (like it a lot, but would likely miss top 100.)

5) Which Movies Do You Compulsively Watch Over And Over Again?

Fight Club, which might be the biggest single reason I fell in love with movies and I've seen at least 40 times. The Big Lebowski, because is this you're homework, Larry? I Heart Huckabees is a film I've seen countless times and I can't really explain why I love it so much but I do. How I do. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly for sure. I'd be happy to watch that forever.

6) Classic You've embarrassed not to have seen yet?

Actually I'm doing pretty well for this, as in the last couple of years I've made a real effort to catch upon movie omissions. I guess the biggest remaining one which sends shivers down my spine is Sunset Boulevard. But I'm like totally on it.

7) What Movie Posters Hang On You're Wall?

Oh Yikes, this isn't going to look good. A big fat zero, for the reason that a movie poster on my wall would consume pretty much my entire living space, such is the grandiose nature of the place I currently call home. I had a Kill Bill, A Dark Knight and A Blade Runner in my previous place of residence though.

And we're done, and I go back to being the unknowable enigma that y'all depend on for pithy yet hilarious movie advice.

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Nicholas Prigge said...

I'm totally with you on The Apartment. Always felt like a feature length sitcom to me.