Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lost: The Candidate - Motherf***a's Be Dead


Wow, well that was some serious slate cleaning wasn't it? I count four series regulars biting it in a single episode, three of which were arund since the pilot. Well I asked for more deaths right?


- This week it was confined to Jack and Locke, after the free for all of last week. Although more specifically, it was kind of Locke's story told from Jack's POV.

- Of course I would rather have had Locke's story from Locke's POV, but watevs. Besides season 6 Jack has been much more tolerable then say, season 2/3 Jack. Sure he's just John Locke mark 2# the slightly less engaging version, but its my favorite version of this character.

- Two weeks with no Ben or Richard, and also no Desmond this week. I find it hilarious that miles is still alive.

- So Jack wanted to operate on Locke, and allow him to walk in this universe. But Locke was like thanks but no thanks. But Jack couldn't handle this because he's Jack, obvs. So he goes about investigating Locke's past.

- It wasn't a total waste of time. I enjoyed the Jack and Claire scene, Emilie De Ravin has always been ill-served by this show, and also the final Locke Jack scene, mostly for TOQ awesomeness.

- But not one of the most coherent flash-sideways. But it was OK


- In many ways it was another table-setter of an episode, but to the max. In many ways it went for action scene to action scene, which might it exciting, but not particularly emotionally resonant or anything, even with all these fucking deaths. Still I hollowly enjoyed proceedings

- So shall we get to the Obituaries then :)

- RIP Sayid, who went down somewhat suddenly, and with a mini-redemption. It seems that his encounter with Desmond (Who he didn't kill) somewhat resuscitated him out of his psycho zombie stupor. But let's take a moment for a great character and a great performance, often over-looked but always awesome. His stand-alone will in all probability be the best of the year. Naveen Andrews rules.

- RIP Sun and Jin. I know, right? It seems Lost decided that its finale will just contain white people, thus killed all of its asians in one fell swoop. (Jokes Miles is still about) Having now seen the conclusion to their on-island storyline, I see no reason Jin didn't die in the boat explosion back in season 4. It was more poignant and powerful then anything that followed. And definately a stronger way to go then this. season 6 hasn't known what to do with either of them to be honest, particularly Sun. Who's just basically stood around and occasionally asked about Jin. Waste of a great actress. Anyways they be dead now, so.

- RIP Lapidus. Like anyone really cares in comparison right? Still, he stood around, made one-liners and had no real reason to be on this show apart from looking at Jeff Fahey is funny. Still he's a regular and he's dead so, I guess I should say something.

- The episode which begin with the 815ers in the season3 cages, held by Widmore who is still alive and kicking by the way, but pretty much fucked as far as his battle with Evil Locke goes, losing lots of his men this week, to the invincible evil mofo. Still I did enjoy him walking up to them, entirely impervious to gunfire and killing about 10 guys like some 80's action hero.

- Anyway, evil Locke freed them, and they run to Widmore's sub, with which Sawyer's plan was to shut evil Locke and escape with all his friends. If I had one complaint prior to this episode, its that Sawyer has been putting them over on Evil Locke a bit too easily, but that was met this week, but Evil Locke knowing that's exactly what he was going to do, and thus plant a bomb on Jack, which he accommodatingly took down to the submarine. What a nice guy.

- Oh, right, Kate was shot and Sawyer was pretty much incapacitated. So the only fully operational candidate's are Jack and Hurley.

- I should say the submarine sequence was fairly thrilling, but the flippant way it handled all these important characters deaths perhaps killed my buzz a little bit. Although Lapidus' death was kind of hilarious.

- Zoe watch: still going. not in this episode though, so that was good for everyone.

- So yeah, an exciting episode, but for what happened in it remarkably low key. Next week is supposedly the exposition episode flashback to the beginnings of the island. So lets respect our fallen comrades and look forward to that.

Rating: 7/10

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