Friday, 21 May 2010

Lost: What They Died For - Locke Will Cut A Bitch

Straight back into it then, as I continue a mental rinse and repeat to wash last week's horror-show from my memory. I don't think I'll ever be able to. Golden glowing caves? I didn't realize I was watching The Legend Of the Seeker. Anyways, What They Died For returns things to where they should be for the most part and a few mythological crossovers aside continues as if last week had never existed.


- Desmond continues to do his Morpheus thing, freeing the minds of those stuck in a world where they don't belong.

- Great scene with Locke and Jack, in which Locke is rediscovering the man of faith within. That was awesome, and perhaps what has felt so lacking about season 6 is the lack of the real John Locke. As much as I enjoy seeing Evil Locke walking around being badass and killing people, actual Locke was such a crucial ingredient to the success of the show that his absence is felt.

- The scene in the police vehicle was kind of hilarious, as Desmond informs fellows prisoners Kate and Sayid that he's got a plan to free them. Sayid actually made a joke, and that hasn't happened in the longest time.

- I'm glad Sawyer didn't let Kate go just because she batted her eyes at him. That would have been lame and something this show is certainly capable of.

- Played again like the flash-sideways of The Last Recruit, just kind of shifting things into position. No standout moments per say but everything zipped along nicely.


- Same as the flash-sideways really, but with more intensity. What happened here really did happen to make next week's finale more awesome, but due to its sheer dynamism and lack of baggage it was one of the more enjoyable, shit gets done episodes of Lost.

- After being in the cooler for three episodes, Ben makes a vital return. Settling a long-held island grudge and refinding his evil ways after his temporary redemption in Dr Linus. I'm pleased they did this however, because frankly I didn't want to see Ben redeemed he's done too much evil stuff and as much as I have enjoyed these things, I look forward the the cathartic feeling his death will bring too, and I'm not going to enjoy it if he's all redeemed and shit. Speaking of which...

- Body Count

RIP Zoe - Yeaaah! That was awesome. I love when Lost realizes when character's are both reviled and pointless and kills them in awesomely self-referential ways. This week, Zoe gets her throat slit by evil Locke, culminating in the line.

" You told her not to talk to me and that made her pointless."

Well yes she was evil Locke, yes she was.

RIP Charles Widmore - Widmore was essentially a stand-in for the mythology. He had little identity of his own and was a fairly generic rich douchebag. Still at least he died in a way that meant something, getting repeatedly capped by Benjamin because ' he doesn't get the chance to save his daughter.' Ben the iceman is back, ladies and gentleman.

I'm not even going to pretend to write an obituary for Richard, because this is just Desmond falls down a well over again, this guy simply isn't dead. Watch. He may be dying, but there's more of Richard to come I'm sure.

- What's worth noting is that Miles is still around, long since he had anything resembling relevance. Part of me kind of hopes he makes it, just because I kind of the guy and if a glorified extra is going to surivive, I hope its Miles.

- Ben has officially subbed for Sayid as Evil Locke's sidekick.

- Meanwhile, over at the alpha-team. Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer mourn Sayid, Jin and Sun in about thirty seconds, before running into ghost Jacob, whom after a forced Q&A session says that one of these guys has to be the new island guardian, because he's all dead and stuff. Anyone want to guess who volunteered? My man Jack.

- To quote Sawyer. ' I thought he already had a God complex.'

- So Jack drinks from the magical river stream, back in Xena territory, and is told that now the golden glowy cave of fuck you will be revealed to him.

- And of our heroes go to kill Evil Locke, whilst off Evil Locke goes to destroy the island. I think this will happen.

- Despite the sarcasm at the lame mystical stuff, I generally enjoyed this episode. Particularly the Ben and Locke stuff. Next week's the finale. What can I say?

Rating: 7/10

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