Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lost: Across The Sea - Dead Man Smoking

In some ways, the bottom just fell of Lost forever. The show may still have awesome finale and end its characters stories all well and good, but Lost the enigma, Lost the chasm of mystery; well that turns out to be bullshit. Because if Across The Sea tells us anything, its that yes, after all this, these guys were essentially making it up as they went along. This 'mythology' episode, which exists solely to give us answers essentially, is so hackneyed, so labored and so dense, it just reeks of writerly frustration, forced by popular demand into giving answers they never really wanted to give and doing it pettily.

- And in doing so, an episode that is vitally important to the overall architecture of the show entirely misses the mark and ends up harming more then helping. So the mysteries of the island boils down to shitty CGI golden light? That you don't even explain? Fuck you.

- The explanation of the frozen donkey wheel was also a complete washout, 'me and my friends have built a device that channels the energy' er, how does it do that again?

- The writing for this episode was outright awful. The archaic dialogue was worthy of Shyamalan's The Village, and there was so many bad lines it was difficult to count. All in all it just felt like a trite, inconsiderate way to explain away the show's magical elements, something that post season 1, it has never been comfortable with. Everything is just a Macguffin in place of a Macguffin, and its just demoralizing.

- Then there's the whole Anakin Skywalker paradigm, in which the show takes two shrouded god-like characters, both kinda awesome and turns them into sulky teenagers. Epically flooring their legacy forever. Some things we don't want to see guys, seriously no back-story is better then half-assed shite back-story. Jacob in particular, the man who so many have died for and seemingly meant so much to everything, is in fact a bitch who does everything he does for love of his mommy. In spite of her murderous insanity.

- She told him to his face that she murdered his real mum, and what does he do? Not care. Because he's a drone for his mummy.

- Speaking of which Allison Janney's mother character was surefire miscasting wasn't it? Feeling awkward and out of place, Janney seems uncomfortable with the Lost dialogue, to which there is an art in delivering without sounding like a total douche. Similarly the character is rushed and inconsistent, is she mother earth, or just an early 1st century version of Rousseau? They don't really decide, and I have no idea what story they were trying to tell with her.

- If anything, the slight saving grace of the episode would be the Man In Black bits, and I did like Titus Welliver's performance, in spite of the bad dialogue and scenarios. He at least brought something to his character, which I certainly appreciated in an episode as otherwise clunky as this.

" If I answer you're questions it will just lead to more questions." Fuck you show.

- And as for the intercut Adam and Eve sequence, words do not describe the patronization. Awful.

- This feels like a lot of whining, which it is. Because Lost's mystery baiting was only ever going to be worth it with a satisfying final chapter, a great fucking payoff. But after this, which for me would be one of the worst, most obnoxious episodes in its entire run, I'm far from convinced that this is something we're going to get.

- Golden light is the new midichlorians.

Rating: 5/10

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