Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Breaking Bad: Mas - Ready To Be The Bad Guy

It seems my odd numbers theory was prophetic as balls, because Mas was a fucking great episode, so rich, so well acted and while it perhaps isn't up there with the shows best episodes, its none the less truly great television.

- To be fair it did retain the slight chaotic feel that has weighed down a couple of episodes of season three, but each strand of the story, however unconnected, was just so awesome that I don't care. And if it can keep that up that'll be just fine with me.

- Some have complained that season 3 waited five episodes before re-introducing Walt the meth dealer, instead using the beginning of the season to focus on the break-up of his family. I disagree I think, as this is at its heart a character show first and a crime show second. Look what happened to Weeds when it got too involved in its own plot, and this just isn't that kid of show.

- So comes to end's Walt's futile resistance of who he was always going to become. The bad guy. His scene of coldly cutting of his partner Jesse, who he has gone through thick and thin with, as if he were nothing but a cocky little boy was some ruthless shit. The contempt, the pitilessness and the rage were all there on Cranston's face. Did I mention that he's totally like really good on this show?

- Perhaps this ruthlessness was born from his finally giving up the game in regards to him and Skylar. The tragedy being of course that Walt does love her, for all of his faults, and the scene with the baby was heartbreaking. The love in his eyes directly compared with the acceptance once he saw Skylar had left the room whilst he shared a tender moment with his estranged baby daughter. Moving stuff, and then he totally ball-busted Jesse for no reason but for petty rage to remind us that this is Walt after all.

- Enjoyed seeing the old Jesse in flashback. That guy was hilarious. Plus Skinny Pete!

" Because he's a dumbass, that's why."

- I'll just say that this show should use Saul Goodman in moderation, as too much of him can be annoying, but just enough of him can be awesome.

- Another power episode for Hank, who in the subplot Sherlock Holmes'd his way to discovering Jesse is involved in the mythical blue meth. What a great asset a nervous breakdown is to one's investigative skills. His scene with his wife Marie was awesome, Hank keeping up his tough, unapproachable guy facade to even his loved ones even though he was long ago broken. Dean Norris is very quickly becoming my second favorite actor on this show.

- Loved the skylar stuff too, as she begins the process of rationalization in regards to Walt's ill gotten drug money.

- RV Flashback! Still more relevant then that Lost episode about Jack's tattoos.

- Gus Frings rules. As does Giancarlo Esposito playing him. His scenes with Walt, in, which he allowed the man to whom pride is everything bluster before successfully playing him back into the meth business. The man is good at what he does.

- "A Man provides. Even if they hate you for it."

- This show now officially has a secret base. A Meth lab under chemical factory, but still. Secret base!

- Another excellent episode which let its actors act. Which is always when BB is at its best. Now, of course the gangster strand of the show is back in business. Fairly excited.

Rating: 8/10

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