Saturday, 3 April 2010

Lost: The Package - That Sun And Jin Thing

So we're roughly half way in to this final season, maybe a bit more than halfway, and to be honest this is one of the weaker seasons of Lost. Everything seems a little too familiar with the writers recycling plots a bit too liberally, and most importantly week to week the quality just hasn't been that great. Its not been bad or anything, and I'm sure it will pick it up when it hits the home stretch. But still, it is a slight anti-climax.

- Why all this blurb for this episode, well like Recon, Lighthouse and most painfully What Kate Did before it, its a staller of an episode, in which I can feel the writers just killing time. And in the back half of the final season, there is no excuse for that.


- The Sun and Jin episodes, traditionally, are not the strongest episodes of Lost, not really because I dislike the characters or the performances, but because they are too heavily defined by their relationship. There's been nothing doing for Sun for the last two seasons, except the writers telling us that she loves her husband. This depressingly continued tonight.

- This doesn't help the flash-sideways are not a pointless waste of time argument. It just feels like padding. Some more weak thrillerish stuff with loan shark Keamy.

- Even in ridiculous OTT mode, Keamy is still awesome.

- The funny thing is, Sun gets shot at the end of the flash-sideways, and it did absolutely NOTHING to me. A six year season regular might die and it doesn't matter a slightest. Because for some reason, this alternate reality stuff just doesn't matter, and I think its not just my problem. I think they've been to kitschy (Sawyer the cop being the most irritating example for me) with it, and its distancing.

- Still I like Yunjin Kim, I think this show has never known what to do with her beyond season 1 and she's been good regardless.


- The wheels are edging forward, but slowly. I'm not sure I'm down with this whole Widmore back on the island thing, he's a boring archetype of a character and I'm not sure he's worth 5 episodes of the final season being about him.

- That being said, I dug his face off with Evil Locke. That was fairly awesome. You can never have enough Terry O Quinn.

- I think Daniel Dae Kim's performance as Jin is what you'd call workmanlike. His no frills, no fuss attitude can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the scene.

- For fuck's sake Lost, not content with one fairly boring randomer like Ilana, they seem to be shoving 'Zoe' down our throat too. Seriously I don't care that you're a geologist bitch, why am I with you and not the show regulars. Why?

- I think Naveen Andrews is killing as zombie Sayid. I've said before he's the secret weapon of this show, and has been since its inception.

- " Because that would be ridiculous."

- Seriously, 10 episodes in and no-one is dying. No-one. not even the fillers like Ilana or Miles. They've got a lot of people to kill in six episodes.

- Desmond! Yeah. And I'll bet he gets next week's episode too. Maybe Widmore will finally bite it.

- Not bad, but certainly not great. Needing a strong finish now.

Rating: 6/10

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