Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo - Guys, The Dynamite Is Unstable. Seriously.

To be honest I was expecting this episode to suck much more then it did. Hurley episodes usually have little to nothing going on, focusing on a character I don't have too much time for. But, the show showed a forward motion missing from a few to many episodes of late and I even enjoyed the off-island stuff, mostly thanks to Jorge Garcia's excellent performance.


- This was mostly a sweet Hurley story, skew some Desmond driven mythology and a brutal twist ending.

- So better then most off-island stories then. The bulk of the Hurley off-island saw him revive his brief romance with Libby, only in another dimension. Because you can't stop love, guys. I enjoyed seeing Cynthia Watros again, and she and Garcia share a good presence together. So fair play to that one.

- And more importantly it broke the unfortunate flash-sideways pattern of episodes just being weak thrillers, that don't really matter. Which is good.

- Of course, Hurley was pushed into his Libby affair, by alter-Desmond, who seems to be driving the flash-sideways narrative now. Getting people where they are supposed to be, metaphysically speaking.

- But then he totally mowed down poor John Locke for like no reason. But then you say that there is a reason, and I'm sure that action will get alter-Locke where he is supposed to be. Hopefully not dead.


- So they finally did it. They killed Ilana. In a cheap self-referential joke too. Remember how Arzt totally blew himself up back in season 1 with unstable dynamite and it was like 100% hilarious, well I guess Ilana didn't see that episode and thus didn't learn the vital lesson that if your a minor character, don't touch the unstable dynamite. It seems I ended Ilana Watch just in time.

- RIP Ilana.

- Otherwise, the good guy group, now led by Richard it seems sets out to destroy the Ajira plane on which Evil Locke plans to escape. But given that this is a Hurley episode, Hurley has to be involved somehow. So he splits up the group, believing that diplomacy is the better tactic, and that they should approach Locke for peace talks. Richard rightly balks at this, and thus division happens, and Ben and Miles head of Richard, whilst Jack, Lapidus and Sun head off with Hurley.

- Meanwhile, over at camp evil. Kate continues her five-episode streak of sitting around and glowering and doing little else.

- Also at camp evil, Locke has talks with Desmond, who if you'll remember was kidnapped by Sayid last week. After so terrific acting from both of them, Evil Locke asks why Desmond isnt afraid of him. Desmond says whats the point in being afraid Very zen.

- Of course it would have looked a lot less retarded if Evil Locke hadn't thrown him down an infinite abyss of a well about one minute later.

- The passive Lost viewer would write an RIP Desmond column around here, but I'm seasoned guys and know hes going to be fine and dandy next week. trust me.

- Zoe watch. No fucking Zoe. Thus a great episode.

- Good. The episode went somewhere, people died, and good acting was present and correct. All I want from an episode of Lost.

Rating: 8/10

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