Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lost: Happily Ever After - To Whom The Rules Do Not Apply

Desmond episodes, in part to the nature of the character and part to the strength of Henry Ian Cusick's performance, are often the highlight of any given Lost season, and while I don't think that was quite the case here, it was one of the better season 6 hours. Was it the Constant though? Not really.

- Before I praise this show too much, I'll mention this is the second episode long diversion in three weeks, and while both were great episodes, it has broken the season's momentum that Sundown worked so hard to provide. Its good hours of TV at the expense of the season as a whole.


- So yeah, like 'Ab Aeterno', we had bookends of the present timeline whilst the bulk of the episode took place in an alternate timeline, in this case, an episode long Flash-Sideways.

- And while that sounds fairly horrific, it was just better then previous outings, too many of them being weak, thriller type plots and absent on character. This one was at least about Desmond, and in this case, one who had never known the love that drove him in our timeline, and he's much happier. An awesome corporate man, number two to Charles Widmore.

- So the first part of the episode was kind of a pre-emptive rip off of Get Him To The Greek, played straight, in which yuppie Desmond has to get junkie rock star Charlie to the gig on time. But Charlie has seen the light, as it were. In his near death experience, he had scene glimpses of what I can only assume was our time line. and how true and beautiful it is. So he basically wants to die, crashing his and Desmond's car into the lake to allow Desmond to see...

- Penny. It seems not even a dimensional reshuffle can keep these two apart. I'm not usually a fan of sci-show romance, as its usually executed so naffly, but I'll admit to Lost having nailed the Desmond Penny thing. Fair play guys. It doesn't come close to making up for the disaster of the love quadrangle in season 5, but whatever.

- I liked Monaghan's cameo. Charlie irritated the living piss out of me when he was a regular on this show, but in small doses he's a welcome presence.

- But that was my second favorite of the two cameos in this episode. Daniel Faraday! Welcome back Jeremy Davies, this show was retarded to kill you. What a great performance he gives.

- So the point of this episode, I think, was to essentially mission statement the rest of the season. To break free of The Matrix of the flash-sideways, and bust back into the regular reality. Happiness be damned.

- Am I sold on this? meh, we'll have to see how it plays out, but it sounds an awful lot like Jack having to convince everyone to come back to the island. Which would be yet another recycled plotline on this season of Lost.


- Lost's gone a bit Buffy The Vampire Slayer, in which the method to defeating the near unbeatable foe is a magical sci--fi gizmo that appears in the final act.

- Desmond is used as dry run for this machine, and I can only assume the intended effect occured.

- Is Widmore the hero of this show now?

- I hereby officially rename Ilana Watch to Zoe watch. As Zoe has become the most annoyingly irrelevant yet constant presence on Lost. No Ilana yet again btw.

- Why did Sayid not kill Zoe incidentally? Because she is a girl? don't be a homicidal sexist, Zombie Sayid.

- Desmond has been somehow enlightened by his time-bending adventures. I guess we'll find out how that goes

- A well-written, enjoyable episode of Lost, but it has me a little concerned as to the direction of the final episodes.

Rating: 8/10

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