Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Has right-wing cinema died?

I consider myself a liberal, with freedom to everyone and everything etc. But the great thing about cinema is it allows you to be more objective. We can see stories from different perpectives, empathize with characters we would be default despise or cast-out in regular society. There are no moral absolutes in film, something that allows to see violence as entertainment and killers as heroes. But in terms of political cinema, hollywood seems to only produce views of the left and the liberal. Which gives us liberal nothing to politically disagree with. And boy do we love to do that. Blogs were essentially set up by frustrated liberals wanting to praise comic books and piss on George W, and its amazing how much more blogspace to things we hate rather then the things which we actually like. So hollywood give us what we want more then anything, something to disagree with.


Antonionioni said...

Nah, I disagree...Seriously, though, it would be a scary world if films reflected the right-wing bias elsewhere in the US media.

spiral568 said...

Yes but isn't the point of freedom of choice so everyone gets their say, and what is the point of debate if only one viewpoint gets a say.