Saturday, 25 October 2008

REVIEW: Ghost Town

A relatively standard film, which probably wouldn't have got this much of a look if it wasn't for bagging Ricky Gervais as the lead. Its funny in places and I laughed a couple of times but it reeks of tried and tested formula and thus is essentially another mediocre romantic comedy for the assembly line.
As far as the positive things go, Gervais is a less then conventional lead and thus is an interesting presence. I'm not the biggest fan of The Office but he is good here, delivering his one-liners with aplomb. But for me the movie is stolen by Greg Kinnear playing another yuppie douchebag to coin consecutive american expressions. He is at his greatest when playing losers and sleazes, and here is no exception. He really is one of the most under-rated actors going. Tea Leoni is serviceable, which is great seeing as how annoying she has been in the past. And there's a fun cameo by Kristin Wiig as Gervais' doctor. But the problem lies not with the dialogue or the acting, but the laziness and pure cliche of the storyline. The movie seems to think that we won't notice it because of all the ghosts, but its to half-assed to hide. The visuals are similarly lazy, and you can tell that David Koepp is a screen-writer by trade by them. All in all, ok for a few laughs but intensely forgettable and within a year people will forget that this movie existed.
Rating: 6/10

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Antonionioni said...

I think Gervais is good, as you say, even if the scripts flag in places in his series and in this film. He could be a better GB ambassador to the USA than Hugh Grant, anyway!