Monday, 27 October 2008

HORROR WEEK: Best horror movies of the 00's

On the whole, this has been a weak decade for the horror film, with even the supposedly quality ones feeling quite generic. So besides the stuff I've forgotten, whats the shit thats' good? SPOILER WTF

1) Saw
For all its infinite sequels, Its easy to forget how clever and low key a horror this is. Lacking the clownish excess of the sequels, this plays as a devilish whodunit. The acting is passable if not great but you'll remember it for the sadistic traps and the ending that owns you.

2) Frailty
A rarely seen but utterly captivating little religious horror movie, and proof that Aliens' own private Hudson can actually act. Bill Paxton gives such a good performance it may catch those who doubt off-guard. A film worth seeking out.

3) The Descent
In above Dog Soldiers for the simple reason that while that film is a fun movie, This a Bona Fide classic horror movie. Neil Marshall took a step wayward with Doomsday, but on the evidence of this he should have many great genre films left in him.

4) 28 Days Later
Re-invigorated the zombie genre by giving it some immediacy. Its actually a carefully composited rip-off of I am Legend and Day of the Dead. But with Danny Boyle's memorable visuals and some good actors, always welcome in horror movies, It earns its keep.

5) Haute Tension
Its a shame it has such a horrible twist ending, because before that this rattles along with a great pace and impressive pure horror. Aja went on to be the go to guy for horror remakes on the base of this, so take from that what you will.

6) The Host
This is pretty much what every genre film should be. A Korean monster movie that dares to take itself seriously, whilst being hilarious. Delivers several memorable set-pieces as well as some solid characterisation of the family that seeks for the daughter, lost in the sewer system. You'll never guess what might be there also.

7) Slither
Another under-seen potential cult-classic that sees an Alien parasite take over a small town. Firefly's Nathan Fillion makes a suitably heroic lead but Gregg Henry's sleazy mayor is the highlight. Plus it's really funny.

8) REC
Some will say Cloverfield but that has nothing on the viral spin on the age old haunted house concept that is REC. It has subtitles, on account of it being Spanish. But it doesn't really matter what people say anyway in this movie. Its about quick, terrifying attacks and making you permanently tense for 90 minutes.

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