Sunday, 5 October 2008

Oliver Stone's W., given a fair chance?

I was in the cinema on friday, for reviewing purposes made clear two posts down, and a trailer for Oliver Stone's soon to be infamous W. came on. People were not happy. I heard at least three chants of ' that looks awful' and a high-flying middle class couple behind me broke into a kind of condescending laughter, As did several other people but in decidedly less noteable ways. Now i'm not saying the film will be good, but it seemed people just saw a film about Bush and just came to the uninamous conclusion that it will be awful, without giving it a fair throw of the dice.
But from the looks of the light-hearted trailer, this isn't the humourless Stone of JFK but an altogether less enraged progression of that model, one that may approach the topic of Bush with a less political agenda. This interested me and now I will be quietly thinking that this film will be slightly better then everyone seems to think. If not, well then Everyone else is right and I'm wrong and that has to happen at some point.

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Antonionioni said...

I wouldn't mind seeing that myself. I love to hate Stone, but at some point - to paraphrase you - he's got to make a good film at some point!