Sunday, 26 October 2008

HORROR WEEK: 5 Horror sequels that are actually good

One could make the entirely accurate point that few things are so consistently shit as horror sequels. Its an area of cinema I wouldn't inflict on anyone, but seeing the high numbers Saw V is taking this weekend I really wouldn't have to. But there are some diamonds in the rough and they'll be featured below. POTENTIAL SPOILERS ETC

1) Aliens

How many other horror movies do you know that boast a best actress Oscar Nomination. I'd like to think none, as to further strengthen my point. But this is a great, entertaining horror movie in its own right.

2) Evil Dead 2

This is one of the cult movies. Its popularity increases by the year, leaving critics bemoaning the state of the world. Simply put, it isn't Citizen Kane, but its very funny and there are it least 3 strokes of inventive genius here. The possessed hand, Bruce Campbell's fittingly OTT acting and the bonkers visual style which gets more laughs then anything else in this film

3) Dawn of the Dead/Day of the Dead
The former is one of the great horror movies, satirical and intelligent whilst not forgetting to be involving or exciting. The latter is inferior, but it has its moments and is not as average as its reputation suggests.

4) Bride of Frankenstein

The granddaddy of horror sequels, it has lost none of its intense creepiness. Ridiculous hairstyles aside, this is an improvement on the first movie and its survival for this long is not unearned.

5) Nightmare on Elm street 3: Dream warriors
I can picture the groaning and meh's upon seeing this make a showing here. But this movie is the best in this franchise by a long shot. I don't particularly care for the original, and can't even remember why I gave this a chance. But I'm glad I did. Incidently its written by Frank Darabont, of Shawshank redemption fame.

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