Wednesday, 22 October 2008

REVIEW: Eagle Eye

To be clear, the plot for this film is ridiculous. Insanity is abound and it is a crime against all things logical. Its also a slight rip-off from Will Smith's I,Robot. I make no claim that it makes any kind of sense, but I do claim that is very enjoyable in that way that only generic thrillers can be. It whizzes by harmlessly and is nicely frenetic. It even is acted to a decent level, with Shia LaBeouf being the least obnoxious he has ever been, Michelle Monaghan doing well in another under-written role. Billy Bob Thornton gives us some high quality being an asshole, to the point where his utterly functional charater becomes a highlight. Even The Shield's Vic Mackey shows up and displays a suprising amount of nobility. You forget how good an actor he is in the context of The Shield, you just get too drawn in. The crux of the matter is this is a popcorn movie, a high calorie sugary treat to be enjoyed guiltily and quietly and then never spoken of again. Its not high art, but it never claims to be and its a nice feeling sometimes to be able to switch off the brain and enjoy a movie in all its dumb, cliched glory. I could say more but it is befitting to this movie to be short and sweet.
Rating 6/10

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