Saturday, 25 October 2008

REVIEW: High School Musical 3

I can confidently say that this movie got the most laughs of anything I've seen this year. Also it sucks major balls. This must be the tween girl's version of Red Dawn, a movie everyone enjoys despite its inherent shitness. First I must justify my reason for seeing this; I never like to pre-judge a movie and no matter how terrible a thing may look, I try to give its chance at least. I was not prepared, however for how truly awful it was going to be. It didn't even have the decency to be well choreographed, something I expected it to be. A musical with numerous dance numbers should at least have mad dancing skills right. Wrong. People shuffle about here and there with about as much grace as the great John Goodman; the singing is generically good, but no-one stands out. As for everything else, it is pretty much laughable, form the acting to the look to the story to the god-awful dialogue. My ears feel violated even now, a good 15 hours later. I should concede though, that the pre teen girls in the back row were standing up and dancing in the aisles, (how I wish I was making that up) So for its intended young audience it seems to be a hit, but parents be warned. There is nothing for you here. And for all you people who go to see this to ironically enjoy and laude over bad movie-making. F*ck you. You are responsible for all the worlds problems. Full stop. And that brings this review to a close, with me being able to award my first and hopefully last 1/10

Rating: 1/10

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Antonionioni said...

I agree (although I've NOT seen it, of course. Honest.) Another bad thing about this is that it perpetuates the curse of Disney.