Saturday, 1 November 2008

8 films that will make you happy for days.

So, as a direct antithesis to all this darkness that's been around and about this blog for the last week or so, here's a list of films almost guaranteed to make giddily happy and forget what a truly ineffectual person you actually are :) SPOILERS AHEAD

1) It's a wonderful life

The definitive film to make you happy. Does so by being decidedly depressing until the very end, thus making the most welcome upbeat ending you ever did see. If you ever think about killing yourself, watch this movie.

2) Singin' in the rain
I'm not a fan of most musicals but this one is the bomb. Its infectious positvity will leave even the most cynical of men grinning from ear to ear. This is the film for me that defines the jovial spirit of the old hollywood. Then we had to ruin it with realism and darkness. Darn.

3) Ferris Bueller's day off
The only John Hughes movie that has really stood the test of time, this is wish-fulfilment for the ages. The high-schooler you really wish you had the balls to be. Even if he is a bit of a sociopath.

4) Monsters inc
Pixar have made a lot of tear-jerking movies, but for me this one gets to often forgotten in the crowd. It pulls of the near impossible trick of being sentimental without offending and is simply a great film to reinvigorate your faith in the world. Plus it has green and blue monsters.

5) I Heart Huckabees
This criminally underseen comedy of all things philosophical is an absolute joy from beginning to end. Its intelligence may alienate some, but it worth powering through for one of the most enjoyable movie experiences you may ever have.

6) Some like it hot
For being such a perfect movie. A romantic comedy more concerned with being funny then romance, although it gives that its due also. ' Nobody talks like that'

7) A Hard day's night
The kind of madcap comedy that just isnt done well anymore. Starring the most famous band of all time. I'd like to see Oasis make a movie this good.

8) ET
I feel guilt obliged to include this, since I personally don't think its all that. But apparently everyone else in he world does, so here you go. Consider yourselves appeased. Stupid alien-monkey thing.


Antonionioni said...

ET is great - after all, if you can believe in Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, you can believe in ET! But it's more about being nice and caring than anything else. The stupid-looking alien almost ruins it, it's true.

veebee63 said...

I like your list of happy films- i would also add mr smith goes to washington and shawshank redemption or does uplifting not count as happy?

spiral568 said...

Yeah, they're pretty heavy going for the most part, but then arguably so is its a wonderful life so...

pearlmarilyn said...

Great choices. Just looking at the pictures, planted a big involuntary grin on my face. Although maybe not ET. I really dont think ET makes me that happy at all, usually Im just too busy blubbering. Id probably put Breakfast at Tiffany's on there too, just to be girly. Nothing beats the moment when she finds the cat.