Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What the Lord of the rings cast did next

People called it the Star wars effect. In which lead players in mega successful franchises never break free of its nerd baggage and thus have next to no career once its done. Examining the careers of the LOTR collective, minus the ones who were famous already. i.e Ian Mckellen, Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler and Christopher Lee.

1) Elijah Wood, Frodo

Didn't do to badly straight off with a couple of nice darker roles. An objectionable sleaze in Eternal Sunshine and a proper Psycho in Sin City. Wood is terrific in the latter, despite having no dialogue and precious little do but stare into the camera. Believe me he makes it work. But his choice of lead roles was poor, with the terrific exception of Everything is illuminated. Terrible hooligan drama Green Street was his worst show, and in the last couple of years the roles have slowed up a little, but isn't down and out yet.

Post Rings success: 6/10 - hasn't yet followed up on Early potential.

2) Sean Astin, Sam
Things went badly. After Lord of the rings' Astin's main success has come from a supporting role in Adam Sandler's 50 first dates and a stint on 24. He was good in the latter, even if his character was badly marginalised toward the end. But has essentially returned from whence he came. Its a shame because one of the better Rings performances.

Post Rings success: 4/10 - I think a good TV role is the best he can hope for

3) Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn

This is perhaps the career trajectory no-one expected, but if you go back and watch the films, Mortensen's is perhaps the best performance. Its fitting then that against all odds he broke free of the fanboy black hole to become a respected actor, in large part thanks to David Cronenberg. Thanks to a History of Violence, he prepared people to see Mortensen in a different light and followed it up with Eastern Promises in which Viggo was deservedly Oscar-nominated. Up ahead is the lead in the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's the road and years of proper roles .

Post rings success: 10/10 Oscar nomination plus nuff actorly respect.

4) Orlando Bloom, Legolas

Considering the inconsequentiality of his role, the fact that Bloom scored the career he did was an amazing feat. All with no talent as well. But with a seperate but just as successul franchise in Pirates of the Carribean and lead roles in in Cameron Crowe and Ridley Scott movies. Bloom has become the male equivalent of someone like Jessica Alba. But it seems now that it may have simply been a flash in the pan.

Post Rings success: 8/10 Even if its over now, he was flavour of the month for a long while.

5) John Rhys Davies, Gimli

So unrecognisable was he as Gimli, that he has benefited little from his LOTR stint, but he certainly is no worse off then when he came in. Plus he's been a supporting player in two giant franchises: this and Indiana Jones.

Post Rings success: 4/10 Being hidden under all that make up may have somewhat hurt his chances.

6) Dominic Monaghan, Merry

Would have gone the way of co background Hobbit if he hadn't so instantly bagged a role on Lost, the mega hit TV show that no-one can be bothered to understand but me. Anyways, his instant finding of other successful material will gave him a decent chance at a longer career. But with the combined nerdvarna power of LOTR and Lost, i'll bet it will be in genre material.

Post rings success: 7/10, as best as could be expected, plus he may have television's best death ever.

7) Billy Boyd, Pippin

Wasn't quick enough to capitalize on his Rings success and thus has done a full vanishing act, barring a small role in Peter Weir's Master and Comander and According to imdb, a voice in Bride of Chucky.

Post rings success: 2/10 Should have been quicker out the gate.

8) Sean Bean, Boromir

Despite only appearing in one ring, did better from it then many others. Bagging roles in various hollywood productions, whilst not critically great were financially successful. Such as the Island or Flightplan. Also got the Rutger Hauer role in the remake of the Hitcher.

Post Rings success: 6/10 solid without being extra-ordinary.

9) David Wenham, Faramir

Actually got a bit burned in LOTR with his Faramir becoming more of a secondary character then he was on the page, but Wenham did the best with what he had in more ways then one. Has established a nice little career going from soldier/narrator in 300 and being particularly memorable in the Australian western The Proposition. Soon to be seen in Baz Luhrmann's Australia.

Post Rings success: 6/10 Again, solid keeps getting good roles.

10) Miranda Otto, Eowyn

Got a walk on part in Spielberg's War of the worlds, and since then has settled nicely into stints on american television. As good as she could have hoped for really, seeing that she pretty much came from nowhere.

Post rings success: 5/10 Got work, which is something good.

11) Karl Urban, Eomer

Considering the near walk-on part he had in the latter two films, he has done very well indeed. Bagged the lead in the blockbusting adap of Doom, and played a villain in the second Bourne movie. Soon to be seen as Bones in the new Star Trek film by JJ Abrams, he has quietly doe very well for himself

Post rings success: 6/10 certainly respectable, has become a solid second-tier actor.

12) Andy Serkis, Gollum

Played another CGI character in Jackson's King Kong, perhaps to less memorable effect. Has been seen there and about, featuring in quirky indie-horror The Cottage and the upcoming Brendan Fraser Action fantasy Inkheart.

Post Rings Success: 6/10 a great performance In Rings, but suffered because you couldn't recognize it as him

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