Saturday, 22 November 2008

An Arrested Development movie is happening. Really.

So, Fox searchlight has supposedly picked it up and now it is apparently going to happen. I'd be lying if wasn't excited to see more of what may be the best tv show I've ever seen, and It will most certainly be funny. But is it perhaps better to remember it as it was then see it belatedly revived, i.e Sex and the City, which despite making a shit ton of money got generally negative reactions from both critics and many of its fans. Arrested Development is a different animal though, its audience is smaller and niche, who would rather a great but utterly inaccessible movie then for it to make any money. The show, to be fair stuck by its guns to the end and in the end was canceled because of its refusal to compromise to its audience. And if thats any indication then we can expect more of the same from the movie. Similarly it successfully rode that fine line between being Smart and being smug, something supposed successor 30 rock has never been able to do. It was genius on TV, but will that carry through, seeing as season 3 was not quite as good as the two that preceeded it. I hope so, and I'm sure I'll see it 4 or 5 times whether its crap or not, such is the fanboy in me.

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veebee63 said...

this would be amazing if it happens