Sunday, 16 November 2008

REVIEW: Max Payne

And so the quest for a great game to movie adaptation goes on. Currently no.1 is Silent Hill, and that was barely a 6/10 film. The largely silent, action orientated world of gaming simply must not be compatable. Max Payne hits the wrong notes at all times, has a painfully wooden performance from Mark Wahlberg and just barely makes sense.

On the plus side, it has moments of impressive visual imagery and for the most part the action is reasonably well handled, even if director John Moore does hit the ultra slo-mo button a bit too often. But it feels like a straight to video actioner with slightly more money and roughly the same standard of acting. Mila Kunis character does not gel well with the film and feels forced in, Beau Bridges tries to contain the mugging for the most part, but can't help himself on occasion and everyone else is purely fodder for the plot or Wahlberg's nigh on invincible protagonist. But the main problem is that it is such a cliched story. Charles Bronson did this cop with a vendetta thing many years ago and no-one like dit then. This film deserves no more of my time so there that is. Avoid.


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