Monday, 17 November 2008

Australia not so good.

Rather then a semi-rascist rant about the merits of the people down under, this is infact a prediction regarding of Baz Luhrmann's upcoming romantic epic and creatively titled Australia, which shockingly considering this is the director of Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge, is the story of a sprawling, probably forbiden love affair. Will someone please teach this guy some cynicism, it hurts to be around this much simplistic manipulation. He makes the same film again and again just with a different gimmick and setting every time. Allow me to demonstrate.

Strictly Ballroom: two people's love is forbidden by opposing cultures and the ballroom dancing beurocracy. Gimmick: Ballroom Dancing

Romeo and Juliet: Two people's love is forbidden by their feuding families. Gimmick: Modernized Shakespeare

Moulin Rouge: Two people's love forbidden by social standing. Gimmick: Musical

Every film tells the same story and has the same sickly, love conquers all before all conquers love motif. He may be a visually gifted director, no-one's saying he isn't. But deal with some different subject matter please. As for Australia itself, well from the trailers it looks like its going to be another period set visually glamorous but painfully naive film that will get by on its own enthusiasm and sense of kitsch. His pre-war studio age attitude to cinema and love inevitably goes down well with the increasingly aged academy, but unless its really not what I expect it to be he''ll get no dice from me, something that I'm sure will keep him up at night.

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