Sunday, 9 November 2008

REVIEW: Easy Virtue

I was not excited about seeing this movie. In part due to my cultural immaturity and inabilty to appreciate the finer things, such as Noel Coward plays or Yes Minister. And in part because it starred Jessica Biel, who whilst being nice to look at, had not proven that she infact knew how to speak words for money. But my unsophisticated bad, I ended up quite enjoying it. Its far from great and it enjoys its comedy soundtrack far more then it should, but it has some proper old-school one liners and Jessica Biel, she of I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry, Stealth and Blade Trinity fame, was actually good. Thus I, of no fame, am forced to eat my words yet again. Biel handles the dialogue well, and gives the character depth. The rest of the cast seem to be collecting pay-cheques, particularly Colin Firth who looks bored off his ass, yet still handles his zingers with aplomb. Kristin Scott Thomas is clearly enjoying herself as the prim and proper matriarch, kind of like Bree from Desperate Housewives except set in the 1920's and written by Noel Coward. She is a great actress who most definately should do more films in the English Language. But the film, like so many others of late, does that thing of being a comedy for the first half to suck you in for a final half hour of sentiment and timid psycho-analysis. Similarly, I think the director and DOP over stepped their mark trying to leave their print on the film, making the camera an obnoxious observer who we just can't ignore when we want to.

A popcorn film for the over 50 set. If that sounds like your nightmares then you won't like this film, and with the opposite, well the opposite. And Jessica Biel is really good. And now closer to respect then fellow Jessica's Simpson and Alba.
Rating: 6/10

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