Thursday, 1 January 2009

NWI Awards: Best animation

And here we go. Its that time of the year when all blogs under the sun dish out awards, so in the spirit of getting in on that action, here's the first post in a 7 day awards marathon.


3) Wall - E
To be clear this is an over-rated film and has no place winning the prestiges that is winning. What its is a techinically magnificent, visually wonderful classy piece of animation. The robot love story is a bit of a Clunker for me but a lot of people liked it so I'll shut my bazoo.

2) Waltz with Bashir
This film is a beautiful one, to be sure, and its imagery is not to be forgotten in a very long time. In terms of visual beauty, no other film topped this all year, its a shame then it didn't have the narrative quality to match its stunning imagery. Still a great film though, and it will be Oscar nominated and get beat by Wall -E.

1) Persepolis

It turns out the best animation of the year came right at the beginning. This terrifically stylish, yet poignant and it times hilarious film is a benchmark in animation aimed at people out of primary school. Good Shit.

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