Saturday, 3 January 2009

NWI Awards: Best Villain

Bad guys have more fun, and here be a selection of the greatest perverts, miscreants and plain out Psychos 2008 had to offer...

Best Villain

10) The King of ward 3, Blindness

It may have been brief, but Gael Garcia Bernal's twitchy King of ward 3 was a truly nasty bastard. But that doesn't mean Bernal doesn't have a ball playing him and in otherwise stately film, it was a very important performance for the film to have.

9) Sloan, Wanted

If only because we got to see the acting world's most sagely man Morgan Freeman say 'Shoot this Motherfucker' A classic moment in cinema history

8) Gordon Northcott, Changeling
Sure, a child molester/murderer isnt that hardest thing in the world to make evil, but Northcott has a particularly creepy Norman Bates vibe that raises him above the norm. A great breakthrough performance from Jason Butler Harner. PS that picture isnt from changeling, but there doesn't seem to be one of hi in that anywhere. Burn

7) Dick Cheney, W.

To the world, Bush may be the bad guy, but in Oliver Stone's W. it is most certainly Cheney, played almost as a scheming bond villain by Richard Dreyfuss. It makes one feel sorry for Dubya that he had to deal with this guy's machinations for so long

6) Margot, Margot at the Wedding

Yet another ice queen to add to Nicole Kidman's resume, but this one has a bit more substance to her, and the way she treat her son more then anything wil appall all who view. Chilling in its credibility

5) Ms Carmody, The Mist
Religious people are crazy! Or so Stephen King seems to think. Whatever the social ramifications, religious crazies make great villains and Marcia Gay Harden's Ms Carmody is no exception. She'll stay with you long after you forget the movie.

4) Daniel Plainview, There will be blood
A man driven by an insatiable greed, selfishness and a complete lack of any kind of empathetic quality. A complicated man, to be sure, but a villain nonetheless. One of the most deserved oscar wins ever for Daniel Day Lewis.

3) Harry Waters, In Bruges
If you had any doubt about how good Ralph Fiennes is, watch this and the Duchess back to back. Check the range on this guy. His Harry in In Bruges is barely more then a cameo, but once he arrives he viciously entertains and scene-steals at this film's resident moralled psycopath.

2) Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old men

' Call it friendo'. Javier Bardem's bounty hunter/hitman/Angel of death roams around the quiet Texan country leaving bodies piling in his wake. In an excellently chilling performance, Bardem gets acquinted with violence for the first time in his career, and who knew he'd be so good at it.

1) The Joker, The Dark Knight

Because was it really going to be anyone else.

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