Friday, 2 January 2009

NWI Awards: Most Over-rated Movies of 2008

Every now and again, movies come along an connect with both the public and the critics in a wholly positive way. And you can't understand, for all that you try, just why this is. These films are to my mind the most over-rated film of 2008.

Most Over-rated Movies of 2008

6) Son of Rambow
What should have been a sweet, little inconsequential film was heralded almost unanimously by thirtysomething critics as a cult classic, which it most certainly is not. These guys mistook the nostalgia for 80's youth with actual quality.

5) Quantum Of Solace

It belongs on the list for not being lambasted where it should have been. A generic action movie that happened to feature James Bond, I've seen this popping around a few top ten lists. This kind of mediocre needs to be called upon.

4) Juno

The cruelest thing about over-rated lists is it doesnt necessarily mean films are bad, just that they have been blown out of all proportion and that happened to the extreme with Juno. It could have been the Ferris Bueller for our generation, instead Oscar were thrown at it at the expense of better films, thus it deserves to be here.

3) Wall E

No I'm not an embittered cynic who doesn't know how to love, this film is just full-on mediocre Pixar. Kind of like ET and just as manipulative and patronizing. It has some quality to it, but if it bags a best picture nomination over The Dark Knight I'll hate it forever.

2) Grindhouse

This one is less to do with the critical reaction and more to do with the internet nerd one. They were going on about how this films failure was a tragedy, when it clearly got what it deserved. Sometimes fanboys need to accept when they're wrong. This is one of those times.

1) Iron Man
To see what is a stock, almost generic action film be heralded amongst the best of the year is absolutely ridiculous. You watched the climax too, right, it was ridiculous. Fine, Robert Downey Jr is cool, but that doesn't make a film all by itself, and the insane critical praise this got is beyond silly.

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