Friday, 9 January 2009

NWI Awards: Worst Film

I think that the average good films vs bad films ratio is probably 4:1 to the negative. Such us the studio's need to bring in the dollar. Anyways here are the worst films of 2008 to my mind, and never mind why I was watching them in the first place.

Worst Film

6) Jumper

Because I've never known a film to create such a dick of a leading man without realising it. Framing a guy for robbing a bank simply because he made a pass at your dream girl who isnt actually youre girlfriend yet. And were supposed to like this guy?

5) Leatherheads

George Clooney's Sophomore directorial effort is smothered in its own self-superiority. Yes screwball comedies were good, but you know what they were more interested in being funny then showing how smart they were. If not by much

4) AVP 2

This idea never really should have made it past the super-nintendo. Yet there are two movies based on alien vs Predator. This is the latter, and its one of those cash-ins that ignores all franchise history just because it CBA.

3) Pride and Glory

This movie tries to hide its ridiculousness behind a sheen of emotional blockheadedness. It Can't. My favourite bit is when Ed Norton arrives to arrest Colin Farrell only put his gun down to have a bar fight with him instead. That makes it sound much more unintentionally awesome then it is.

2) Righteous Kill
Terrible movie. Will be deservedly forgotten. Next.

1) High School Musical 3

It seems almost pointless naming this film as the worst of 2008, because its producers know this all to well and could give a rats ass. They still have their 100 million dollar ticket sales plus whatever billions of dollars in merchandise. They know its terrible and so do we, yet we all went to see it anyway. Much like Mamma Mia actually, which I never saw.

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